The work of Looking for Lilith is more important than ever and we recommit to our mission of examining history and today from women’s perspectives and lifting up unheard voices:

• We will continue to discover and reveal those stories that have been lost through time
• We will continue to seek out the unheard and lift up their experiences
• We will continue to provide the next generation of women with strong role models
• We will continue to partner with women and youth of color at home and abroad
• We will continue to collaborate with our LGBTQ friends and colleagues
• We will continue to honor the women who have served our country
• We will continue to speak out for justice and use our theatre skills to shape those conversations

As women we are called to stand with our sisters and brothers who are also called to seek justice.
As artists we are called to ‘hold the mirror up to nature.’
As activists we are called to the hard work of social justice for all.

Looking for Lilith more than ever stands with the unheard


Looking for Lilith Theatre Company is an ensemble company that creates productions and programming through re-examining history and questioning today from women’s perspectives, a practice that frequently uncovers unheard voices. LFL productions and programming serve adults, youth and children locally, nationally and internationally.


Discover LFL's expansive outreach programs for pre-K through 12th grade as well as adults.


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