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We currently have After-School Drama programs at the following schools:
Bloom Elementary (Louisville, KY) Winter 2018 (pdf)
Brandeis Elementary (Louisville, KY) Winter 2018 (pdf)
Hawthorne Elementary (Louisville, KY) Winter 2018 (pdf)
Lowe Elementary (Louisville, KY) Winter 2018 (pdf)
St. Albert the Great (Louisville, KY) Winter/Spring 2018 (pdf)
Wilder Elementary (Louisville, KY) Winter 2018 (pdf)

Shannon Woolley Allison, Co-Artistic Director
(502) 638-2559, ext. 700 |

Pay online: Return to this page after submitting your registration form. Click the Submit Payment button to pay with Square.

Pay by check, cash or money order: Please PRINT YOUR REGISTRATION FORM (using the pdf links for your school) and remit, along with payment, to your school's contact (please see pdf). Make checks payable to Looking For Lilith Theatre.

A limited number of scholarships are available. Please contact Shannon Woolley Allison at (502) 638-2559, ext. 700 or

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