9th – 12th Grade Residencies


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9th-12th Grade Residencies Available
We use creative drama techniques to explore social issues in these residencies. This approach allows the children to participate in the process of the drama, as characters who help the teaching artists' characters work through a given conflict. In this way, they both learn and teach new skills, and strengthening their sense of community in their classroom and school. The curriculum are also set in foreign countries and incorporate some elements of that country's culture and language.
The Crucible of Peer Pressure
Grades: 8th-12th
Length of Residency: 5-10 days
This residency uses scene and character study from Arthur Miller's The Crucible as a jumping of point for student actors to explore the interpersonal dynamics of peer pressure and mob mentality: from 17th century Salem, MA to the political climate of the 1950's to their present day environment and school community

Creating Original Theatre with Young People
Grades: 6th-12th
Length of Residency: 5-24 days
The LFL artists lead the group in discussing a social and/or historical theme. Students explore multiple perspectives on the chosen theme, while using research, original writing, movement, and improvisation to create an original performance. Students will gain an in depth understanding of the theme explored. They will develop theatre skills such as character building, movement, and playwriting as well as important life skills including building self-esteem, critical thinking skills, teamwork and healthy group dynamics.

In-school residencies offer teachers and students at all grade levels new perspectives on learning, yet are designed to meet curriculum standards.  We have a variety of already-designed programs or we can create custom programming to meet the needs and interests of teachers and schools.

Please contact us for pricing and to schedule your residency!
Jennifer Thalman Kepler, Community Outreach Director
(502) 638-2559

Custom Designed Residencies
(Pre-K-12th grade)
We are also available to work with your school staff or community organizers to design a program that best fits the needs of your group. Some possibilities include:

Suicide Prevention
Peer Pressure
Conflict Resolution & Anger Management
Body Image and Self-Esteem
Solar System
Colonial History
World War II
Fairytales and/or Folktales

Looking for Lilith has a strong commitment to education. In our outreach programs, we can guide participants in researching, devising, and sharing new works that give voice to the members of our society who have historically been underrepresented. Through these programs and our performances, we help show the value of multiple perspectives on history.