Class of ’70

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Class of '70

Class of '70

This is a powerful, fun, challenging play that celebrates the living history of women who came of age on college campuses during the second wave of feminism in the late 60’s. Originally devised and produced for the 2004-2005 Season and remounted in 2013.

Bring Class of '70 to your school, library or community center!
Touring productions available for middle school, high school and adults.

To book your performance, contact:
Trina Fischer
PR & Marketing Director
(347) 228-6438

Looking for Lilith has a strong commitment to education. In our outreach programs, we can guide participants in researching, devising, and sharing new works that give voice to the members of our society who have historically been underrepresented. Through these programs and our performances, we help show the value of multiple perspectives on history.

Looking  for Lilith provides touring productions, in-school residencies and after-school programs for pre-K through 12th grade, including our award-winning interactive performance, Choices. We also offer professional development opportunities for teachers.