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Fabric, Flames & Fervor: Girls of the Triangle


Looking for Lilith's collaboratively created play Fabric, Flames, and Fervor: Girls of the Triangle (formerly known as "The Triangle Project”), based on the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire of 1911 in New York City is available for touring. This show explores the lives of women and girls who were tragically killed in that garment factory fire, the ensuing trial against the owners, and how the labor rights movement was galvanized by this event, shortly thereafter drastically changing labor laws in the U.S.

Audiences described the play as excellent, fantastic, profoundly moving, informative, important, motivating, challenging, relevant, entertaining, clever, powerful, sad, emotional, educational, poetic and superb. Also shared were these comments - It stirred my anger at injustice and cruelty," "The heartwrenching content makes you think," and "Beautiful visuals, I want to see it again.

Devising team - Lauren Argo, Kathi E.B. Ellis, Trina Fischer, Kelby McIntyre, Kelly McNerney, Laura Morton, Jill Schierbaum, Jennifer Thalman Kepler and Shannon Woolley

The original production was made possible in part through grants from the Kentucky Foundation for Women and the Community Foundation of Louisville, and sponsorship by the KY AFLCIO, the IBEW - Local 1200, The Coalition of Labor Union Women and A. Philip Randolph Institute.

Bring Fabric, Flames and Fervor to your school, library or community center!
Touring productions available for middle school, high school and adults.

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Looking for Lilith has a strong commitment to education. In our outreach programs, we can guide participants in researching, devising, and sharing new works that give voice to the members of our society who have historically been underrepresented. Through these programs and our performances, we help show the value of multiple perspectives on history.

Looking  for Lilith provides touring productions, in-school residencies and after-school programs for pre-K through 12th grade, including our award-winning interactive performance, Choices. We also offer professional development opportunities for teachers.