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What My Hands Have Touched

What My Hands Have Touched: U.S. Women in WWII

World War II - Real Women, Real Stories

Looking for Lilith Theatre Company's production of What My Hands Have Touched: U.S. Women in WWII  shares the compelling stories of U.S. women during World War II, exploring their myriad roles: as factory workers, nurses, pilots, USO performers and homemakers. The production offers glimpses into the hearts and minds of these female "warriors" often overlooked by history. In a multi-disciplinary performance that is at once educational and entertaining, this play praises women's contributions to the war effort, while also raising important questions about the realities of war.

Many brave women of "The Greatest Generation" shared their valuable stories of the sorrows and realities of the war which they experienced--not propaganda, not war reels, but real stories from real women whose lives changed forever during the war. They dealt with violence and death in new measures, but were also faced with radical new opportunities for women that would permanently change the way that they viewed themselves and their roles. It is an important play to be seen by people of all ages, to honor our elders, educate the young, help us understand in some small measure what that experience was for our grandmothers and inspire us to reflect on our present reality.

First created and performed in 2003, and performed many times since then, audiences and critics have described What My Hands Have Touched  as moving, excellent, inspiring, important, thought-provoking, superb, brilliantly acted, directed and written, well-rounded, and full of a variety of perspectives. "You hit the nail on the head," was heard again and again.

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